Our Guiding Principals

We believe all women should feel amazing in their clothes, no matter who they are.

We love to dress women!

At Fashion Envy women can browse for clothing freely, without feeling any pressure to buy. We listen and offer expert advice only when asked.

We want to create a fun shopping experience, letting you leave with beautiful clothing that is right for you and a smile on your face.

At Fashion Envy, we believe all women, no matter who they are, should feel amazing in their clothes and have fun doing it.

Our Stylists

Kerri Whan

I am the very proud owner of Fashion Envy. I love fashion, people and this community. I was born and raised locally and attended college and received my Diploma in Business Marketing. I have several years of experience in the retail industry and have always wanted to open my own business. The opportunity presented itself and I went for it. I have a great support group from my family, mentors and friends and I couldn’t have done this without them. I thoroughly enjoy finding the clothes that give all women a boost of confidence. Once that is achieved, anything is possible. I’ve always wanted my Boutique to feel comfortable, welcoming and a place where women of all shape and sizes can take a deep breath and know there is no judgement. We strive on customer service and love dressing women and it shows. Come and enjoy the Fashion Envy experience.


With over 20 years of experience, Anne is known as the Fashionista of Perth. She has dressed many Ladies in the Perth area and has dedicated Tourist that return continually to seek her expertise. Her favorite experience is when she finds that perfect outfit and the customer request the tags be removed because they are wearing it out of the store.