Not just for Grandma….

Tried tested and true, Picadilly!

For over 40 years Picadilly has been creating fashions for woman. They have evolved into an iconic trend setting clothing line. Picadilly creates and blends classic silhouettes and unique pieces that are timeless, ageless, and seasonless. Picadilly represents a global brand designed for today’s independent, confident and active women. I have enjoyed hearing woman say “oh my mother used to wear this line” and than suddenly they go thru the rack and say “wow, these are beautiful clothes”. After trying on a few pieces they are hooked and return season after season to buyof these timeless pieces. Picadilly has never strayed from there sizes. If you have been a 14, you will always be a 14 with Picadilly. Come to Fashion Envy and view these incredible pieces that will have feeling fabulous.


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